No Pain, No Gain? No Way!

NO Pain, NO Gain? No way!

I hear it all the time, “NO pain, NO gain!” As a former collegiate athlete, I would live by this. I was fortunate enough not to have a serious injury during my career but was always plagued with nagging limitations. While there is certainly benefit to pushing beyond the comfort zone, if you want to remain injury free you’ve got to listen to your body.

Most sports injuries fall into two categories: trauma and overuse. While traumatic sports injuries can be, well…traumatic…overuse injuries are actually more common among our youth today. These injuries occur when the body is pushed too hard too fast, when technique or coaching is poor, or when insufficient warm-up routines are used. Check out these five tips from the John Hopkins Medical team to steer clear of these preventable injuries.

Set realistic goals.
Goals should be realistic and achievable. Make sure that you allow enough time to build strength and endurance. These things don’t happen over night even for our youth!

2. Plan and prepare.
Once you have your goals down, take the time to learn proper technique. Do your research and find people who have gone before you to share their wisdom.

3. Warm-up and cool-down.
Research shows that warm muscles are less likely to strain. Take time to walk or jog before starting more intense physical activity. Also, increase your flexibility. Even 5-10 dedicated minutes can make a big difference. Remember, stretching is best when your muscles are warm.

4. Take your time.
Take time to gradually increase your training. Whether it’s running, biking, sports or weights, too much too fast may take you out of the game.

5. Listen to your body.
Some discomfort and muscle soreness may be a sign that you are getting stronger, but pain in joints and loss of range of motion should raise the caution flag. Be mindful!

Massage therapy is a great compliment to any physical training routine. Massage has shown to increase circulation and reduce muscle recovery time. Evergreen Massage is here for all of you weekend warriors and competing athletes. We also specialize with keeping our student athletes healthy. Call today to find out about our student discounts!