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Below is a list of testimonials from satisfied Evergreen Massage clients.

“Jessica P. is a brilliant massage therapist. She helped me resolve a low back injury after 3 massages. After 4 years of a nagging foot injury, the healing process started with Jessica. She is very professional and worked well with my physical therapist and other practitioners to discuss the complicated nature of the foot injury which prevented me from running or practicing any thing barefoot. Currently, she is finalizing the healing process by breaking up scar tissue with deep tissue massage. Her calm style and approach also helps with daily tension due to a busy day. I always look forward to a full body massage after long weekend events to minimize post event pain and prepare muscles for the next event! If anyone asks I will certainly recommend Jessica!” -Robin W

“I have known Jessica W. for over 20 years. I have used her massage many times in the past and have always been overwhelming satisfied with her service. She is very professional, personable and engaging. She listens to your needs and customizes her services to address your specific requirements. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of and have a positive experience.” – Amanda S

“As someone with chronic neck and back issues, I have been to many massage therapists over the years and feel fairly picky now! That said, I have felt really lucky to have found Emma at ECTM. Her techniques show what a good understanding she has of the body and the best ways to address problems. Her demeanor is warm and calming and I look forward to my time with her. She really is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had!” – Ariel S

“When Cindy Stone recommend that I work with Jessica P., she was right on the mark.  I have had regular massages with her for over a year and she is the bets massage therapist and a joy to work with.  She helped me heal after a serious accident last summer.  She is sensitive to my needs, has a great technique and is really the best massage therapist I have worked with.  I feel invigorated, yet relaxed after every visit and look forward to the next one.  Jessica P. is a delightful person and I highly recommend her!” – Charlie R.

“I met Jessica W. when she was still taking massage therapy courses. Even early on, she was a great massage therapist and just keeps getting better. She is personable and goes out of her way to make sessions and schedules work. Now that she owns her own business, she is not only a premier therapist but hires very talented therapists to work in her office.” – Bonnie B

“Emma is such an amazing massage therapist and healer. She has so much energy to give to her clients! Her compassion comes through in her massage techniques and I can always feel how much she truly cares about making me feel better, physically and emotionally. I feel so relaxed and peaceful, yet detoxed and charged as well. I know I will never find a better massage therapist.” – Chris C

“Emma is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever been to. As an endurance athlete, I frequently use massage as a means for recovery and rejuvenation. Not only does Emma do a wonderful job with providing a relaxing full body massage, she is also incredibly talented at knowing exactly how to work out specific areas in order to help ease my nagging overuse injuries. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone, as she can accommodate those simply looking for relaxation and stress relief as well as serious athletes looking to improve their performance through better recovery. Beyond her incredible talent with her hands, Emma is very professional and obviously takes a great deal of pride in her work.” – Chris S

“Jessica Podolsky is an absolutely outstanding massage therapist! Masterful, adept, sensitive strong, and sure, she brings all her skills to a massage session, sensing exactly what needs to be addressed. As an added touch, she offers compassionate energy work for clearing at deep levels. Whenever I leave a session with Jessica, I feel newly invigorated at both a physical and emotional level, ready to interact with my world again.” – Cyncie W

“As an active 50+ year old, I’ve had my share of exercise-related issues. For more than six years I’ve relied on Jessica W. to help keep me “in the game”. Her strong background in physiology, combined with an uncanny ability to intuit where one’s issues lie and how to best address them through a variety of techniques, is a unique and powerful healing package. I don’t know what I’d do without her!” – David F

“Jessica W. saved my back during my third pregnancy. Without her help, I would have been bed bound and would not have been able to care for my 2 boys. Her expertise and knowledge helped me to thrive through my 3rd pregnancy instead of suffering like I did through my second. I am trying to get my post baby body back into competitive cycling shape knowing that Jessica will help my body made this transition smoothly. I look forward to my visits knowing that my massage will help me through any pain I have inflicted on my body so I can get back to living my life to the fullest!” – DH

“Emma’s massages are amazing. She works on all the places that need attention, without my having to point them out. Her pressure is perfect, and she checks in with me to be sure. The energy of the session flows beautifully and I feel amazing afterward.” – Fawn S

“After seeing many massage therapists over the years and being particularly selective, I am so grateful to have been introduced to ECTM! In addition to the space being warm and welcoming, Jessica Podolsky is a gem…one of the very best therapists I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Jessica assesses your uniqueness and adjusts her pressure and techniques based on what you need in the moment. She is also wonderful at balancing a solid knowledge of body mechanics and a caring presence. I love that she adds a little gift of energy healing for those who request it in their sessions too! I look forward to every visit and walk away feeling nurtured and relaxed. Thanks Jessica and ECTM…highly recommended! ” – Heather C

“I’ve had shoulder and lower back problems since I injured my back many years ago. II find getting regular monthly massage treatments with Jessica P. helps reduce the pain in my back and reduces stress. Jessica P. is great, certified, and very focused on helping her clients. highly recommend Jessica P. at Evergreen Center for Therapeutic Massage.” – Hugh D

“The therapeutic affects – both pain and stress relief – that I have experienced through Jessica W.’s expert skills have made all the difference in my day to day life. After 2 surgeries, I have been on harsh medications and through painful tests and unsuccessful treatments. The only thing that remains sure to get me through is the therapeutic massage and the only side affect seems to be a mind and body at peace.” – Jeremy G

“I met Jessica Wilson when she was first practicing in Aspen Park, perhaps ten years ago. Since then I have enjoyed not only her master touch and knowledge of anatomy but I have come to know her and to adore her as an important person in my life. Jessica combines her superior massage techniques with compassion and an open heart to her clientele. She is thoroughly professional, intent on benefiting my ultimate physical (and mental) health and has never once in all of these years left me without feeling complete.” – Joan K

“Cindy has that magic touch! She balances both energy needs with physical healing. I so appreciate her ability to draw upon a wide background of training to address my needs perfectly. Cindy is intuitive and responsive, and coupled with her experience; she always gives me a one-of-a kind massage. I always get up off her table feeling fabulous!” – Jodi K

“To date I have not had a more thorough, engaging or relaxing massage in my life. Emma’s touch is unmatched, and her sweet demeanor shines through in her work.” – Katherine E

“I have been seeing Jessica W. regularly for close to 10 years. She is one of the most talented Massage Therapists I have ever worked with. I say this in both my capacity as a client and as a former Massage Therapist myself. Her work is both detailed and all-encompassing. Her extensive training and study provides her with a high level of expertise which coupled with her intuitive ability to know what my body needs creates a beyond extraordinary massage experience. I highly recommend her for all types of massage – from therapeutic, relaxation, problem areas and overall wellness. I truly can not say enough good things about Jessica Wilson, CMT!” – Kristen M

“Jessica W.’s therapeutic massage techniques have brought tremendous relaxation, healing and relief to my life. She has helped alleviate my stress, muscle soreness, knee pain, and my back pain is totally gone. I am back on the running trails again in thanks to her effective massage therapy and wellness recommendations. Jessica has a passion for her profession, is extremely personable, and I genuinely recommend her therapies to anyone! I also received prenatal massages during my pregnancy, and I highly recommend Jessica to expectant mothers.” – Marcene M

“Cindy Stone is A B S O L U T E L Y F A B U L O U S! I have been seeing her for many years. My body responds very well to PUSH therapy. And the energy work she does is icing on the cake.” – Margie B

“I have had the honor of having massages from both Cindy and Jessica W. They are so intuitively in touch that they quickly find the ‘spot’ that needs their attention most, and then channel their healing energy into it and relieve the blocks there – ahhhh, what a relief! I have enjoyed the benefits of the hot rocks massage, as well as, the deep tissue work that release those stubborn kinks and knots. Having a massage is a gift I give myself – having two wonderful people to go to is a blessing!” – Mary A

“I have been a client of Jessica W.’s for over ten years. What keeps me so loyal, in addition to her healing touch, is that she unquestionably cares about me as a person: specifically my health. She has taken it upon herself to learn as much as she can about the rare disease that I have, and has become part of the inner circle of healthcare professionals that are continuing to care for me. Armed with the knowledge of the results of my latest blood marker tests, Jessica utilizes different massage techniques that will best assist my immune system at the time. Jessica’s caring knowledge, unparalleled hands-on skills, and holistic attitude have, without a doubt, helped contribute to my improving health, as well as the overall quality of my life.” – Mike S

“Emma, has a very special talent in providing massages. She makes me feel so wonderfully relaxed and calm. Emma is able to work out the tensions in my sore muscles and more importantly, releasing all those unhelpful thoughts in my mind.[She] always asks me, “what needs special focus today” before the massage.” – Ralph C

“Cindy naturally intuits what my body needs before I say anything. After a session with Cindy I feel more integrated and whole and my body is “humming” to a different tune – one of healing wholeness. Energetically, I feel purified and more in alignment with my true nature – what a gift! ” – Sheralyn G