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“Julie is a great massage therapist! She really knows how to work different areas of the body that need extra attention. I left feeling very relaxed and my back had major relief.” – Ilene S  

“Julie isn’t just a massage therapist; she is a healer. She has a kind and gentle soul and wants her clients to be healthy and feel their best. She listens to your body and responds appropriately providing just the right treatment. Working with Julie has been one of the best decisions I have made regarding […]

“I am a bigger man in my early forties with a physically demanding job and I am very active in my free time. As such, I am prone to tightness and pain in my lower back, hips and legs as well as occasional sciatic nerve pain. Julie has been extremely effective in treating these symptoms […]

“I am addicted to Julie’s massages! With low back problems, I am very particular with body work – she has just the right touch and energy. Her work keeps me relaxed and my muscles happy.” – Jenny S, Evergreen CO